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Note that in addition to Search, there are browseable indexes for the Connexions Library and Connexions Directory. There are Subject, Title, Author, Chronological, Format, Dewey, and Library of Congress Index indexes for the Library, plus language indexes for French, Spanish, and German documents. The Directory has a Name index.

Connexions Search simultaneously performs two kinds of searches.

1) It searches the Connexions Library, Connexions Directory, Sources Directory, and Sources Library for records whose key elementstitles, subtitles, authors, organization names, descriptions, or assigned subject headings – contain your search term(s).

2) It searches the Connexions Subject Index to find subject headings which contain, or are related to, your search term. The intelligent search feature brings up topics related to your term even though they may not actually contain the term. For example, a search for "global warming" will also suggest topics such as "climate change", "climate & carbon dioxide", "greenhouse effect", "industrial emissions", "Kyoto Protocol", etc.

Results are presented in two columns.
The right-hand column contains topics related to your search terms. Click on a topic to see resources related to it.
The left-hand column presents titles or names of actual resources, e.g. articles, books, groups. Click on a title to view the bibliographic record for the resource, or organization profile for a group or website. If the actual resource is available online, clicking the link in the bibliographic record takes you there. However, many of the records in the Connexions Library are for books and other materials which are not available in electronic form: you'll need to find them in a bricks-and-mortar library.

Search results for the different parts of the library and directory are currently presented separately, below each other. Resources (books, articles, films, etc) are first; followed by groups; followed by experts and resources found in , the resource portal for journalists.

NOTE that the Connexions Search in NOT a full-text search. We use a system of pre-coordinated subject headings because this makes for more relevant results than a full-text Google-style search.
If you would like to do a full-text search on the Connexions site, we recommend using a search engine such as and restricting your search to the domain (Advanced Settings: “at this domain name”).

For more information about what the Connexions site contains, see our About page.